Measuring a whopping 19" tall by 8" wide. This is an 8 times larger reproduction of the bottle cap collecting muppet figure from your favorite childhood TV show and playsets.


Each figure is multi parts, each individually rotocast in durable urethane resin, assmembled and painted with heavy duty automotive paints. Made in very limited quanitities. 

Jumbo Bert

  • If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or the item was damaged in shipping, please contact me and we will arrange a return or exchange.

  • This product is an "art piece" and not intended for use by children. Though it is durable, it is also fragile. Being made of resin, there is a chance that, if dropped, it will break. 


    It is painted with automotive paints and finshed with a protective clear coat. It can be dusted and cleaned with mild detergents and a soft rag.