These cans are 2.5 x larger than the real thing. Made from an incredibly durable PVC tube and cast resin top and bottom, custom made "vintage design" durable vinyl label and "working" spray nozzle (it pushes up and down, but doesn't actually spray).  


Custom designed nozzles are accurately matched to their appropriate product counterpart. (i.e. the nozzle on the Krylon can is a vintage "Krylon" styled nozzle, etc.)


Choose from any of the designs available - or for $45 more, I will make a completely new vintage label of your choice*


(*once created, this new 'design' then becomes part of the regularly available can options).


NOTE: I change out the "paint color" of all the spray paint labels every time I do a new print run. So the color shown in the pix may not be the color you get. Special color requests can be made, but may delay your order by a week.

Jumbo aerosol spray cans