This guy is a passion project of mine like no other. He is the motivation for me to originally get into 3D modeling and printing - for the sole reason that I wanted a larger version of my favorite childhood wind up toy. 


I modeled rascal to the most exact, 100% accurate specifications. He is then printed, cleaned up, molded and cast up in several parts using high quality resins. His dome is made from a custom tinted clear resin and his body is painted with a very reflective chrome paint. If you have been following my progress on this project, you’ll know the troubles I went through get him to exactly the way I wanted him. But I am happy to say that he is near perfect.


He stands 6.5” tall and has a spring inside his body so he can bobble his body. 


He comes in a custom designed collectors box that also features a special bonus inside!


I made only a VERY small run of these (9) and I’m not sure if I will make more. (We’ll see how this batch goes). I apologize for the price point, but please note that I have literally put thousands of dollars and countless hours into this project and I will be no where near breaking even on them. But that’s how these sort of things go.


Thank you everyone for your encouragement throughout this project. I hope ya’ll enjoy it as much as I have in making it a reality.

Rascal Robot bobblehead

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