This is a one-off 3D printed model that I printed, cleaned up, painted and decaled. The design is from my own files that I created. 


If you have ever worked with 3D prints, you know that it takes many, many hours of puttying and sanding and painting to get the piece smooth and not show signs of print lines. Thus the price point I'm asking.


I made this one-off in the hopes of being able to sell it to someone who likes my VINCent files, but may not have access to a 3D printer or have the skill set needed to finish one.


If it goes well, I may make more one-offs like this in the future.


It is 3.5x the size of the original toy - so he is 7" tall with his head up and his legs in.

He features all the wonky articulation in the head, wings and legs - just like the original '70s MEGO toy.

VINCent 3D 3.5x jumbo print - completely finished

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