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(this is not a retail location)

Sugar Frosted

26062 Ashley St #1

Hartford, SD 57033

Tel. 612-810-9861

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  • When will my item ship?
    If an item is available for purchase on this site, that means it's in stock and will ship out the next business day. If I am out of stock, yet you were able to order the item, I will contact you and let you know the ETA on when the item will ship.
  • Are your items licensed?
    No. I make my items in extremely low quantity for my own amusement, the love of pop-culture, and to help re-coop some of the money I spent making them. I'm not big enough or producing enough to even consider getting a license (yet).
  • Will you make me a jumbo version of _______?
    I'm pretty busy, but sometimes take on projects for others. If you have an idea that I think is interesting and something I could do, we can definitely talk. But please note, that these projects do often take a LOT of time, money and materials to develop. So if you're serious and you have the funds and patience, drop me a line.
  • What's your next project?
    I don't know. I'm always thinking of new ideas. Some of them get realized into a final product, some don't. Follow me on Instagram to see my current projects.
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