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Product Pals are "Fisher-Price Little People" inspired figures done up in the classic mascots of the mid-20th Century, the Golden Age of advertising! There will be a new series introduced every so often (as my time permits). Each series will consist of 6 mascots. Each mascot will be available and posted up for sale as they are completed. Once all six figures are out, the series will finish up and the next series of 6 new mascots will start production.

The figures will be individually packaged on custom made blister cards. They are done in extremely limited runs - as they are just fan art pieces, made one at a time by a collector for collectors. The back of the cards will show each available mascot in that series. 

You can click the each product then click the "Notify when available" button on any of the mascots to receive an email when they are ready for purchase. Or you can check my Instagram for frequent updates on the progress.

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