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After much consideration and input from all of you, I have decided to keep every McMiniature run OPEN indefinitely. So if you want to order past retired pieces, you may now do so. BUT - please note that each piece is handmade, takes a long time to complete and I am making these as fast as I can. Therefore, if you order a piece, there *may* be a wait of several months before it gets to you. I am constantly making and shipping pieces every week. Your item will get to you as soon as humanly possible. Thank you everyone for your support and interest in the little project of mine that has taken on a life of its own! ~DustinCropsBoy  

1) Mayor McCheese
Stands 7" tall.
4) Mayor McCheese Merry-Go-Round
10" wide
7) Officer Big Mac jail
Officer Big Mac Jail. Stands 14" tall.
2) Big Mac
Stands 8.25" tall.
5) Apple Pie tree
Stands 9" tall.
3) Grimace Bounce & Bend
Stands 12.5" tall.
6) Hamburglar Swing Set
Stands 13" tall.

The 1970s was a pinnacle time in American history for playground equipment. They had bold, colorful and creative designs that just beckoned us to come and play on them. Sure, not all of it was safe by today's standard, but a few bruises and broken bones made for great stories and lasting memories.


At Times8 we want to capture the beauty of those pieces and turn them into replicas of a miniature size you can fit on a shelf or desk. Each piece is meticulously researched, measured, photographed and scanned. Prototypes are made and molded in silicone. They are cast up, one at a time, in a durable resin. Real metal parts are used when applicable. The pieces then get cleaned up, primed, painted, sprayed in a high grade automotive clear coat and assembled.


These will be offered in limited short runs. Once a new piece is introduced, the previous one will be temporarily "retired". Who knows when it will come back? Maybe never? Sometimes we get so busy with other projects and stuff can get pushed back indefinitely. 

We're going to try and make all these pieces the same scale (1:9), so they can be set up all together to create your own miniature playland. We chose this size because it's the scale of Mego figures. With the re-introduction of Mego figures in stores, this makes for easily obtainable figures to populate your playland.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we did in creating them.

PLAYLAND miniatures

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