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Here's a few past projects I did.  


Jumbo fisher price

Due to their fairly simple shapes, one of the first items I used to learn 3D CAD software were Fisher Price Little People. I ended up making two different sizes: a large 8x version - which were 17" tall, and a smaller 3.75x version that were about 7" tall.

I made Lucky the dog, Butch the crabby boy and Bert from Sesame Street.

Jumbo Fisher Price Dog
Screen Shot 2022-08-06 at 10.28.30 AM.png

Jumbo Action figures

After graduating from drawing Fisher Price Little People, V.I.N.Cent was my first attempt at a more complex 3D CAD design. Then came FX-7 and finally Old B.O.B. 

The Imperial Gunner was off of a 3D scan.



So many spray cans! I did these for a few years. They were fun, but I'm kinda done with them for now. They featured a spring loaded nozzle as well as a marble inside for added enjoyment.



This jumbo cassette was my first 'official' attempt at fiberglass work. I wasn't too confident I knew what I was doing, but it turned out ok, nonetheless. It featured brown ribbon "tape" on spools and a brown felt pad on a bent copper strip.

I ended up making two of these. This one pictured, and a Prince "Purple Rain" version.



This was a one-off project I did for myself. I made it out of some scrap wood I had in the shop. The graphics were hand painted on and the terminals were 3D printed.


Jumbo play-doh

I had acquired a bunch of cardboard drums and tried to think of something I could make out of them. Thus the jumbo Play-Doh can was born. I designed the lid by hand, cutting the letters out of masonite board and then making a silicone mold of it and casting them in "shell shock" from Smooth-On. The label was printed at a sign shop on heavy paperboard.


Brookdale bunny sign

I have been obsessed with the animal parking lot signs at the old Brookdale Center Mall for as long as I can remember. I often credit them for starting my lifelong appreciation of graphic design. I produced 10 of these lamps, and allowed the customers to choose the animal they wanted. Of course, most chose the Bunny - as he's the best!

Just as a little side note that I ALWAYS like to mention...The original Bunny sign proudly hangs in my warehouse.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 10.14.32 AM.png

RAScal robot

Another one of my favorite childhood toys was the iconic "Rascal Robot" Tomy wind-up toy. Initially I was going to make an 8X sized one, and actually have most of the parts cast up. But I ran into a few snags and decided to make this 'smaller' version first. He doesn't wind up though, but is rather a 'bobble head'. Well, I guess 'bobble body' is more accurate.



QD-3 was a bubble bath bottle that came out in the late '70s to capitalize on the popularity of Star Wars. I vividly remember him and thought others would as well. I guess I was wrong. Oh well, I think he's pretty fantastic. The original vintage piece is in the center, and my version in on the left and right. I took measurements of the original and hand laid it all out in Fusion. A master was printed out, cleaned up and molded. They were then cast in a hollow rotocast resin so they could be used as banks.

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