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This is the FIFTH submission in my plan of creating miniature versions of every vintage McDonald's playland piece. This is in the early prototpying stage and I plan on having them available winter '24 


Faithfully replicated from a digitally scanned and meticulosly measured original 1970s Setmaker Apple Pie Tree. He was then reduced down to 1:9 scale. At this size of 9" tall and 6" wide, the item isn't too big nor too small. As an added bonus - this is the same scale as Mego/Remco action figures.


The scans were then cleaned up, printed out, cleaned up some more and molds were made. He was then cast up in several pieces. 


After all the parts are finished being painted - they are coated in a durable 2 part automotive high gloss clear coat - for added protection and a lustrous shine.


These are made in a limited amount, as - like all of my projects - they take a very long time to make - and I often find myself moving on to new projects quickly.


Future Playland pieces will also be done in the 1:9 scale - so you can collect them all and create your own scale version of the McDonaldland of your youth.

Apple Pie Tree miniature

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