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Replica of the 1970s McDonaldland cookie box display.


Each McD restaurant only had one of these and they were usually heavily worn out and damaged over the years of use. Most all were tossed out some 30 or so years ago, making finding an original very difficult and often costing $500 and up.


But fret no more - because we have created an exact replica for a fraction of the price.


An original vintage display was meticulously measured and each piece was then individually cut and assembled out of durable acrylic.


We then sourced an original unused sticker, scanned it at a high resolution, and printed them out on shiny vinyl stickers.


The original displays were attached to the restaurant walls with cumbersome metal fixtures, but we added convenient hangers to the back of our version so you can easily hang it on your wall. It will also sit nicely on a flat surface if you prefer.


Display measures 15" wide, 12" tall & 6" deep.


***Cardboard cookie boxes in photos are for display only and are NOT included***

McDonaldland cookie display replica

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