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This is the EIGHTH submission in my plan of creating miniature versions of every vintage McDonald's playland piece. This is in prototype stage and I expcet to have them in full production at the end of the summer. This is a pre-order!


Faithfully researched and replicated from an original 1970s Setmaker Singing Wastebasket . It was then reduced down to 1:9 scale. At this size of 5" tall, it is the same scale as Mego/Remco action figures.


He was cast up in several pieces in durable resin and has a spring loaded mechanism inserted so his flap can be open and shut.. 


After all the parts are finished being painted - they are coated in a durable 2 part automotive high gloss clear coat - for added protection and a lustrous shine.


These are made in a limited amount, as - like all of my projects - they take a very long time to make - and I often find myself moving on to new projects quickly.


Future Playland pieces will also be done in the 1:9 scale - so you can collect them all and create your own scale version of the McDonaldland of your youth.

Singing Wastebasket miniature

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